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Opera Unite and Security

Have a look at the article that Dirk Knopp wrote in the Avira Techblog. This article was referenced here :–/news/113719 His concern is that a lot of malware can be now served directly from user’s computer. And he is right. Even more, if there is a flaw in the Opera and somebody can alter the mini HTTP-Server (why mini, it is a full blown server) then, theoretically, it can access the user’s private files. That’s not good !!! Here is what the CEO of Opera says: “Today, we are opening the full potential of the Web for everyone. Technology…

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Avira Techblog is online

At the beginning of this year Avira opened to the public the Technical blog: We publish there news which are too technical to be displayed on the page. I publish quite a lot things about Spam and Phishing. Have a look at it: There is also RSS Feed support:

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Why no antivirus for P2P programs ?

I received a nice email with a very good question from Mehdy Mohajery. It is not the first time I am asked the same question. This time I am documenting the answer I always give. Question: I saw you profile on just tonight , and I noticed that you are specialist in both p2p systems and designing security systems. that encouraged me to ask a question from you. As you know, nowadays a lot of viruses are being distributed via p2p networks like KAD & EDonkey. If an anti virus vendor like avira could provide a plug-in for a…

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New type of Stock Spam : PDF Stock Spam

Last evening I analyzed a new type of spam, together with Oliver Auerbach. It has been published immediately on the website, thanks to Oliver. Source: Content: Tettnang, Wed, 20 June 2007 – Avira warns about a new type of spam which is currently sent to users within Germany. The spam claims to be a magazine like edition of “German Stock Insider” and is sent in PDF format. Today Avira captured a new type of stock spam in their trap system which our antispam analysts haven’t seen until now. Stock spam has become more and more popular and made…

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Older articles on Virus Bulletin’s website

The links below are located on this site section : As can be seen, until the moment of writing this post, I am the only author. Click on the links below to be redirected on the Virus Bulletin’s website. You need to register to read the articles. Don’t worry, is free of charge. Do ‘pump and dump’ spam campaigns really work? ‘Mini’ phishing Pay per click Broken link Bye bye OCR?

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