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“Apple iPhone 7 testers wanted”: Probably the most complex scam I’ve seen this year!

  This scam is sent by CHTAH.COM platform which is known to send millions of spam emails. You can see its added “value” by inserting the three colored rectangles on top of the mail. “iPhone 7 Testers Wanted!” is trying to lure the readers to a website that looks very much like the website.   Hey there,   It is official. Apple stores are crazily giving out iPhone 6 for ONLY 1£.   In order to claim your iPhone 6 for 1£, please follow the instructions below: 1) Click this link to tell us what improvement you want to…

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Phishing attempts making use of the eBay data breach

I wrote about the eBay data breach where cybercriminals got access to some eBay employees’ credentials and accessed the internal network. Names, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and encrpyted passwords were obtained. eBay started a campaign to reset the password of all their users. More information is available in their FAQ. Unfortunately, the breach occurred some time ago (between February and March this year) and this gave time to the hackers to already make use of the data. eBay communicated that the breach was discovered two weeks ago, but why they didn’t disclose the fact earlier it is not yet…

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