Exclusive interview for IPSwitch: When Security Awareness Training Overwhelms Users, Can Technology Help?

A new article of Michael O’Dwyer got published in IPSwitch: When Security Awareness Training Overwhelms Users, Can Technology Help? I am happy to say that I was the only one interviewed, so this is actually an exclusive interview with me.   “I would say that humans are the biggest problem, because they are the weakest link. It is true and quite normal that humans make mistakes,” said Sorin Mustaca, CSSLP, Security+, Project+, an independent IT security consultant.   “Unfortunately, there are more and more security companies out there which have a bigger marketing department than R&D. They have no problem… Cybertalk with IT security expert Sorin Mustaca

Cybertalk with IT security expert Sorin Mustaca   vpnMentor has had the privilege of talking with Sorin Mustaca, a Certified IT consultant with over 15 years of experience in IT security, and author of “Improve Your Security”, a guide for the common end user that deals with the question of how to beware of cyber threats on the individual level.   By Ditsa Keren, 16/06/2016 Content Can you tell us a little bit about your background in IT security? With so many new threats and with the fast development of hacking technologies, how can an anti-virus stay up to date…

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Avira Survey Shows 50 Percent of People Are Concerned About Banking Online

See the original article here and an interview with me for the Infosecurity US Magazine. I gave the interview on telephone calling the editor from home at 21.00h 🙂 Additional news here: In German: That’s fun 😉

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Interview with me in Signal Magazine : “Web Surfers Suspicious”

This is an interview I gave on telephone for Signal Magazine. “… Internet can be a dangerous activity, but the security status of different types of websites is not the same, Sorin Mustaca, data security expert, says. … ” I am a little bit unhappy about this, which I never said: “Mustaca admits that the survey information is more anecdotal than scientific” What I said was: “the interview was made with a random sample of Avira users”. But from experience I know that it can be much worse. 🙂 Enjoy.

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