Experiment started: HTTPS for

The Internet is telling everyone to switch to HTTPS for various reasons: better security better SEO from the search engines (read: Google) others While I agree with most of the reasons, I think that it is not really necessary for a read-only news portal to have HTTPS. It is no secret transferred, no login, nothing… Just text and links. And Ads… 🙂 So, my hosting provider Strato is giving me a free SSL certificate. After a long thinking and testing, I activated it for From now on, you’ll be redirected to the HTTPS:// even if you just type… says Farewell to Mailchimp

  .. and hope to never see you again! Yes, I closed my account because of so many issues in the past time. First, it was because I had too many mails, then too many subscribers, then the emails below. Due to the fact that probably some bots were registered, some sensitive keywords went in the email (after all, the website is about IT Security), they decided to block my account. And I removed it. Because of the email addresses that were blocked, I received also the email below: Imagine that from almost 2500 emails a few emails were probably fake,…

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