How to block the Skype Ads

Since Microsoft took over Skype, only bad things are happening. Really, I hate Skype since they started to get their orders from Redmond. 🙁 Once of the nerving things are the ads. Yes, these:       Here is how to get rid of it: Open Control Panel, go to Network and Internet Options. If you’re in Win10, goto Settings -> Internet Options It looks like this: Then click on “Security” and select “Restricted Sites”: Then click on “Sites” and you will see this window popping up. Add there this URL:   Close the window and restart Skype.  …

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Skype distributing software(games) without user’s explicit approval ?

Since yesterday evening, the users of Skype for Windows who installed the EXTRAS features, have started to receive software automatically. The software comes from EasyBits Media, a company from Oslo, Norway. The Skype users have started to complain  yesterday afternoon and the drama seems to continue, without Skype officials to comment on this. The entire thread is here:   A user writes in the Forum: I clicked “deny” when skype asked for permission to install this on my computer, but it still went ahead and installed anyway. Can somebody from Skype confirm ASAP if this is a virus which has gotten…

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