BSI: Die Lage der IT-Sicherheit in Deutschland (German)

Quelle:   Malwarelage: Das vergangene Jahr war geprägt von einer deutlichen Ausweitung cyber-krimineller Erpressungsmethoden. Nicht nur die Anzahl der Schadprogramm-Varianten stieg zeitweise rasant an – mit bis zu 553.000 neuen Varianten pro Tag der höchste jemals gemessene Wert (siehe Kapitel Neue Schadprogramm-Varianten, Seite 11). Auch die Qualität der Angriffe nahm weiterhin beträchtlich zu.   Die Hauptbedrohungen: Cyber-Erpressungen entwickeln sich zur größten Bedrohung (Ransomware)   Schwachstellen Der Faktor „Mensch”     Mehr in dem PDF Dokument von BSI hier:

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FritzBox users: protect your network for free!

If you are living in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, there is a high chance that you are using one of the AVM’s FritzBox for your broadband connection. The FritzBox is a very small device which runs a PowerPC processor and between 16 and 32 MB RAM. This is almost nothing! So, you can’t install antivirus or some security solution to filter the URLs you visit via this device. There is, however, a very easy and good way to protect your network. All new models of FritzBox have the possibility to set a special DNS server which can be used for various other purposes, other than simple DNS. For example, using OpenDNS you can filter the DNS requests which point to malware, phishing and other potentially unwanted websites (a basic parental control). The good part is that it is very, very simple to configure this great feature. Here is how in English/German: Login on your Go to Internet->Connection data / Internet->Zugangsdaten Click on DNS Server / Klick auf DNS-Server Choose Alternative DNS Server / Wähle “Andere DNSv4-Server Write the IPs: / Schreibe diese IP Adressen: Click on Apply / Klick auf Übernehmen The is the Google DNS server which has also a…

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Heise is offering IT Security consulting for free. But should you trust them?

        Heise created a portal for companies to assess their IT security. Details can be found here:  You don’t have to register to take part of the survey which assesses your company’s security. If you want anonymity, check this page. It is important to mention who sponsored the initiative: Sophos, Baramundi, GateProtect, Fortinet, Microsoft, Telekom and others. So, I think we can expect a not-so-independent opinion about your security standpoint. But, hey, it is better than nothing ! However, the first thing you see when you go to the page is this:   Come on Heise… you have good sponsors, do a proper testing. The funny thing is that the problem above occurs only when using Chrome and IE. Firefox doesn’t report anything strange with the certificate.  

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Security for Free ? Die Deutsche Edition.

Source: Security Insider (HTML,  PDF) Originally published in English: (ISC)2 Blog Republished in this blog:           Wer sein Augenmerk nur auf die Anschaffungskosten einer Sicherheitslösung richtet, zahlt oft an anderer Stelle. (Bild: Archiv) Malware, Hacking-Attacken, Software-Schwachstellen: Ist es angesichts der ausufernden Bedrohungslandschaft überhaupt möglich, sich mit Security-Tools für lau umfassend abzusichern? In diesem Beitrag gehen wir dieser Frage auf den Grund. […]

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