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Google Plus and usability (part 2): no way to hide people

This is the second post in the series  Google Plus and usability. Here is the first post: Part 1 In Facebook, there is a way to hide the post from certain people to reach your News Feed, without stopping being friend with them. How can you hide the posts from someone in G+? You can exclude them from a circle and to block them. But they can find out that you removed them from a circle. So, not the same effect. G+ has still to improve here.

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Picasa gets unlimited online storage because of Google Plus

Bug or feature ? Feature, of course, since it is coming from Google. Since G+, Picasa is receiving  unlimited online storage.   When I created my G+ account, I was asked if i want to merge my Picasa Web Account with G+. I said yes, and since then, the counter of the pictures doesn’t work anymore. I have 94 albums with a lot of pictures and movies and it says  that I have used 0% of my account.     If you’re signed up for Google+, photos up to 2048×2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes long won’t count towards this free storage limit. And Google will automatically resize photos for you when you upload them to Google+, so they stay under the free size limit. That means only photos uploaded directly to Picasa Web Albums over the 2048×2048 size will count towards the 1 GB of free storage, explains Google. And when that limit is reached, photos will be automatically resized. Meanwhile, for non-Google+ users, there are slightly stricter rules: photos up to 800×800 and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards free storage. Again, when the 1 GB limit is reached, larger photos will be resized down. Simply put, this…

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Google Plus and usability (part 1): can’t write a message to a single person

So, I finally got an invitation to use the Google Plus. I will not comment about this service because a lot has been written, but I will comment on its usability. Here are the most nerving issues which the Product Managers from Google seem to have not understood: I want to write to a friend a direct message without having to create a circle with only 1 user. I click on the name and I expect to be able to interact with the user.                 And surprise… there is no way to do this … To compare it with Facebook, if you click on a username, you can write on the Wall of the respective person. Will write more here 🙂

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