DOS challenges with

We were faced on with a problem which was at first out of our control: “somebody” is creating, probably without knowing, a denial of service on this website. The consequence was that it was “consuming” the accesses to the database behind this WordPress site. The ISP hosting the website limits the accesses to 50K a day. More accesses require a high plan, three times more expensive. The “somebody” is an IP from Canada which, considering the fact that it is retrying every second, it is most probably a script out of control. First thing, I contacted the owner of the IP address at their abuse email. I didn’t receive any kind of feedback from them and I don’t think that they did anything about it. Second, I installed the Wordfence plugin and instructed it to block that IP address:   The reason why I write this post is related to Denial Of Service attacks in general: What do you do when you’re under attack (DOS) ? What about a distributed attack (DDOS)? I remember the case of Brian Krebs who had his site hosted on Akamai hit with one of the largest DDOS in recorded history  (link).   Do you have experience…

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