Stupid spams or maybe created for a different target

From time to time I see really good spams.. so good, that you can hardly tell the difference between the spam and original.

But, very often the reality is actually very different: you wonder if these spammers are stupid or think that the receivers of the emails are stupid or don’t know what they are doing.

I received this email on one of my Gmail accounts, which … astonishing … was not blocked by Gmail’s spam filters.

The title is twice as long as the body of the mail and is formatted in order to be sent with some script.

The email is as you can see it below ..

So, you wonder why creating such an email, when it is so visible that it is fake ?



The email looks like this in Outlook:


But, if you click on “View in Browser”, then you see it like below, still with formatting errors (due to the special characters in the German alphabet):

Quite a difference, right?

This is the HTML content:


And this is not all:

If you open the mail on a mobile phone, then you see it also relatively OK. But, only when it can be opened. Several time it crashed the mail app on Android.


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