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Spam description with my name in it

John Graham Cumming is maintaining his Spammer’s Compendium and he is giving names to spam techniques. I reported some time ago one technique used in PayPal phishing emails and he created a method: Cross your fingers and click (UH!Mustaca!HTML) What: Making what looks like a valid link to PayPal turn into a link to a phishing site using a FORM and a cleverly constructed INPUT tag. Date added: June 30, 2006 Example from the wild: (Reported by Sorin Mustaca)

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Olympus is not dead, not even sleeping

I am a big fan of Olympus’ digital cameras. I own a C 750 UZ and the SLR E-500 together with its “accessories” Zuiko Digital lenses 14-45mm, 40-150mm, 18-180mm and the FL36 Olympus flash. I heard rumours that Olympus is not fighting anymore on the photography market. Nothing can be so far away from the truth. Here is the proof of the good news : 1. Zuiko Digital Lenses 2. All SLR Cameras and especially the new SLR cameras E-410, E-510 and the famous E-1 successor Also, there are a bunch of new compact cameras which are top models. Here are all the news from Olympus (link to

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Manowar releases a new album: Gods of War

Yes, I can’t help it… 🙂 I had to write here about this ! Manowar will release a brand new album called Gods of War Tracklist GODS OF WAR: 1. OVERTURE TO THE HYMN OF THE IMMORTAL WARRIORS 2. THE ASCENSION 3. KING OF KINGS 4. ARMY OF THE DEAD, PART I 5. SLEIPNIR 6. LOKI GOD OF FIRE 7. BLOOD BROTHERS 8. OVERTURE TO ODIN 9. THE BLOOD OF ODIN 10. THE SONS OF ODIN 11. GLORY MAJESTY UNITY 12. GODS OF WAR 13. ARMY OF THE DEAD, PART II 14. ODIN 15. HYMN OF THE IMMORTAL WARRIORS Bonus track 16. DIE FOR METAL More infos here

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My blog is gone …

The provider who was hosting my blog has just dissappeared from the Internet. It was called and now the domain is available for re-registration. Shit, I wanted to pay them to host my blog in a professional way. Now, I am trying to find something alternative. I will import the old posts (I have a backup 😉 ) into I will do this manually, because it is not possible to do this in another way.

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