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When do you hire your Chief Privacy Officer?

“Chief Privacy Officer” or “Data Protection Officer” is the name of the new job which will appear mandatory for businesses that are either located in the European Union or are doing business with EU. But, only if certain law is approved in October this year. Source: The new law would apply to all companies operating in the European Union, no matter where they are based, and authorities would have the power to impose multimillion-dollar fines on any company that misuses Europeans’ data: either 100 Mil or 5% of the worldwide income of the company, whichever is higher. This is a lot of money… If passed and implemented as expected in the EU, there would be uniform data-privacy regulation for EU countries with a probable time frame of 2016 to take effect in full. Apparently, there is a clause in the law that stipulates that a company should obey this law if it processes data of at least 5000 individuals. This number might change …   But, leaving the law aside, what does privacy mean? According to Wikipedia: Internet privacy involves the right or mandate of personal privacyconcerning the storing, repurposing, provision to third parties, and displaying of information pertaining to oneself…

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