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Quoted on Today’s Burning Question: Massive Hack Attack Reaction “According to the article [on CNN’s website], the accounts details that were leaked were obtained using keyloggers installed on end users’ computers. No networks were breached in order to obtain the information, which is good on one side, but it is worrisome on the other. This also gives us a pretty good view on the security status of many computers worldwide. I say computers and not home users because malware infects any kind of computers and not only those at home. As we can see, in the end it is not even a matter of price of a security solution because any decent free antivirus solution detects this malware type. It is an awareness problem. People continue to think that “this can’t happen exactly to me” (that is, becoming infected) despite the massive media coverage of the security issues world-wide. Users have to change their thinking, to take IT security serious and most important of all, to constantly improve their security. I published a free eBook exactly to help these people to understand the risks and to teach them how to make their accounts and devices more secure (available under The other view of this incident is that…

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