Targeted phishing for Amazon Credit Cards

This time, there is a phishing for Amazon Credit Cards, which are served by LBB Bank. The user is redirected twice to some URLs, which are reported as “DECEPTIVE” by Chrome. Unfortunately, the final pages were deleted, so I can’t take screenshots.   Hallo Sie haben (1) wichtige Nachricht auf Ihrem Konto LandesBank Berlin AG. Um es zu sehen, klicken Sie bitte auf den Link unten: Herzliche Grüße Ihre Beraterin LandesBank Berlin AG

What do you do if your new flagship product sucks and you don’t want any bad reviews? (Updated)

I got convinced by some clever “reviews” to pre-order the “Amazon Fire HD-10 with Alexa”. The specs look extraordinary ! 25,65 cm (10,1 Zoll) 1080p Full HD-Display, 32 GB, with Special offers Now, what ca go wrong here ? Well, everything !!! The tablet has what it promises there… But there is a lot more to say about. This device is a piece of c*** … It is a cheap tablet, which you usually get on the very same site for about 50€-100€.     And now the best of all: Amazon advertises the tablet as “better and more solid than iPad 10′”… :))) Hahahahahhaah unbelivable!   Now the title: What do you do if your new flagship product sucks and you don’t want any bad reviews?   You DO NOT ALLOW ANY REVIEWS ! Yes, if you want to give a review, Amazon will redirect you to other products, not this shitty product! This has been happening until this morning. Very good strategy 😉   This morning, while writing this article, I tried again to give a review of the product. This time it worked! I am the second reviewer… The first one is a 5 Star review….

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How to make a mediacenter PC and record video from TV

It all started when a friend told me that he is building a router with a all-in-one motherboard with an Atom processor inside. I always wanted to build a computer in order to solve these problems: to be there for the entire family at any time, even if I am not at home my and Mihaela’s calendars are merged, common appointments are automatically added to both of us, remote access is possible direct access to the entire videos (all possible formats including ISOs and MKV), photos (all formats including ORF), music collection(many formats, including AAE) is possible. A prerequisite for this is have a mediacenter software which  simply works without patching it every week compiling weeks packages in order to hope to make it work and render all formats mentioned above and last but not least I can record cartoons from TV for my son without having to be in front of the TV! A prerequisite for this is Have a TV-Tuner (either internal or external via USB) which can receive the programs via cable or via satellite Have drivers for the operating system I have chosen Be able to control it from that operating system and mediacenter software So, these are my…

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Amazon Cloud Drive released – 5 GB free online storage

Amazon Cloud Drive is like a hard drive in the cloud available only through the web browser. You can store your music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon’s secure servers. It also accepts malware 🙂 Uploading the test file produced no warning. Pity… More details and a free account can be obtained here:

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