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Avira DE-Cleaner

Have you seen this page : Avira has released the long awaited DE-Cleaner, which is a standalone tool intended to scan a PC without installing any drivers and registry keys. But, if the Avira DE-Cleaner detects that an Avira Premium or Personal Product is installed, it will use its drivers 😉 Cool…

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A closer analysis of DE-Cleaner from Symantec

I was curious about how the DE-Cleaner of Symantec works, so I downloaded the software and give it a closer look. I did not dissemble it or anything similar… I simply performed a little black box testing. So, I started it without any internet connection. The result was: no scanning was possible. DE-Cleaner requires an Internet connection. This is an indication that the software is an in-the-cloud scanner. After seeing this, I searched on the website more details. And I found them… yes, indeed the Symantec De-Cleaner needs an Internet connection. This is why the file has the size of only 6 MB – because it contains no signatures. After allowing it to connect to the Internet through the Avira Firewall, I let it scan a folder. And the results were: MANY FALSE POSITIVES which should have been easily skipped. Let’s take one of them, which is the software I bought for preparing myself for the exam CompTIA Project+ which I took in July. I don’t know how you see it, but I find not enough infos to say that the software is suspicious. I think that the guys from Symantec have still a lot of work ahead to…

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