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Nigerian scams on a totally new level

I received every day a few requests on LinkedIn and I also send a few. Many of these people I don’t know personally, and they are from all kind of industries. Usually, they are interested in IT Security, but not always. Most important, I never receive direct messages like the one below: The few keywords there like “business proposal”, “bank accountant”, “Lloyds Bank”, “CONFIDENTIAL” and the name of the guy, made me think immediately to a Nigerian Scam.   So, I replied back saying: What business proposal do you have ? The answer was the expected one 🙂 Oh, I found the email in the “Junk mail”, of course… A relative died, left a huge fortune, no relatives, he can get the money, we make 50-50 🙂 Read on and laugh… 🙂     PS: The LinkedIn account was erased. There is another “Yousuf Almarshoodi”, also working for a bank.   Note: “Mr Yousuf”, if you read this, no, I am not interested in your business proposal 🙂

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