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Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI) is the next evolution of BYOD

Many technology and security experts predict that “Bring Your Own Identity is the next evolution of BYOD. However, the experts are mixed on the security of BYOI. Some say it will make security stronger because of the way identity is used to connect to websites and networks; others say that by using third-party identities, employees put the network at risk because CISOs (chief information security officers) don’t know how or where these identities are being used. BYOI represents an evolution in authentication schemes by offering a better user experience and security than the use of, hopefully, multiple passwords for different services. The reality is that BYOI is something that came with BYOD and we have seen that the efforts of enterprises to restrict, control and manage it have not been successful. BYOD accelerates the identity overload we have these days. The more devices and services, the more identities we have to protect. And until now we only protected them with passwords. As a security expert, I can’t wait for the day when people would not have to use passwords anymore. We have seen in the recent hacks that people use simple passwords. And they tend to reuse that simple password pretty…

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