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Cyberattacks can damage your business. Permanently. Here is how to prepare yourself.

Dieser Artikel ist auf Deutsch verfügbar:    We’ve learned after the Code Spaces incident that started as a DDOS, continued with hacking and then blackmailing that cyberattacks are not something one should ignore. The long story of CodeSpaces put short was: a hacker started a DDOS on the company’s website and services. Nothing unusual, just another attack, thought the company. Later on, probably the same person, breached into world-wide distributed Amazon EC2 where the assets of the company were stored and got access to its control panel. The attacker left messages trying to extort a large fee in order to resolve the DDOS. When the company refused to pay, the attacker started to randomly delete settings, data, backups, virtual machines. Customer data included. All these happened in less than 12 hours. At the end of this time, the company was faced with a close to total loss of data and was forced to throw the towel. They had shut down the operation since they weren’t able to serve their customers anymore. But there is more than not being able to service the customers. Code Spaces will not be able to operate anymore beyond this point because, the cost of resolving…

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