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The Avira Techblog has two languages from now on

Apparently, many German Facebook fans of Avira have difficulties reading English. Because of this reason, we have created a special page for them:   Today, I have created also in the Techblog a German area which is available here: Now it is pretty lonely there, but we will add more articles soon.  

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Quoted in Washington Time: smartphone security

The article ran today from Shaun Waterman of The Washington Times re: smartphone security:     Fraud follows the money Researchers in Europe have identified malware that surreptitiously forces smartphones to make calls or send text messages to premium rate lines, racking up income for the crooks who own the numbers and huge bills for the consumer, according to Sorin Mustaca, product manager at German computer-security firm Avira. “The problem is big and getting bigger every day,” Mr. Mustaca said. According to Bank, 50 million Americans now are using smartphones for mobile banking. The business research firm Gartner Inc. says the total value of mobile banking transactions globally will be more than $171.5 billion this year. “Where there is money, there is fraud,” Mr. Mustaca said.

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Never forget that as soon as any information is published on a public website, it doesn’t actually belong to you anymore

Avira Survey Finds Computer Users Don’t Feel Safe on Social Media Sites “This survey was very interesting because it demonstrated that even though social media sites are very popular among the general population, computer users from all over the world have the same concerns,” said Sorin Mustaca, data security expert at Avira.“They are wary of the safety of their personal information when it’s disseminated across social media sites. In order to use social media sites without being afraid of having your data misused, I strongly advise not storing private data on these websites. Never forget that as soon as any information is published on a public website, it doesn’t actually belong to you anymore,” he added. Read more here: http:/

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Quoted in the because of the DNSChanger malware   “If your computer was infected at some point in time and it was using one of the DNS servers which are now controlled by FBI, after March 8, it will no longer be able to make any DNS requests through these servers,” Avira product manager and data security expert Sorin Mustaca said in a blog post. “In layman’s terms, you will no longer be able to browse the web, read emails and do everything you usually do on Internet.”     Article written in Techblog on Monday,23.1.2012, question from the journalist sent on Tuesday with deadline one hour (or less), article published the same day. I love online media 🙂  

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Google Page Speed Service

Page Speed Service is an online service to automatically speed up loading of your web pages. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying web performance best practices and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe. The extent of speed up depends on a variety of factors such as content on your pages, browser, geographic location of access, bandwidth, etc. You can run tests to measure the speed up of your site in a few minutes. At this time, Page Speed Service is being offered to a limited set of webmasters free of charge. Pricing will be competitive and details will be made available later. You can request access to the service by filling this web form.   Now the reality check 🙂 Where are the 60% ?   Page Speed Service Comparison for   Original Optimized Difference Page Load Time 3.109s 3.406s +0.297s (9.6%) Start Render Time 2.432s 2.191s -0.241s (9.9%) Repeat View Page Load Time 2.549s 2.644s +0.095s (3.7%) Repeat View Start Render Time 2.188s 2.159s -0.029s (1.3%) Full Test Result view test view test Page Speed Service Comparison for   Original Optimized Difference Page Load Time…

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About Cloud Computing in

When Consumers Go To The Cloud, Businesses Should Watch Out Companies should take a look at what cloud services their employees are using following last week’s authentication bug at Dropbox Dropbox encrypts data on the servers, but not to individual accounts, notes Sorin Mustaca, a product manager with security firm Avira. Anyone with admin access to the server can read all of its data. In addition, data on the servers of external services have lesser legal protections, Mustaca says. “I always advise our users to be very, very careful what they put online because if they put anything online, then the data does not belong to them anymore — it belongs to the cloud,” Mustaca says. “This is the most important lesson that needs to be learned by anybody. If you put it online, you lose control of the data.”

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Free E-Books on C and C++

This article is published here on ReadWriteWeb. 1. Introduction to C Programming by Rob Miles 2. The C Book by Mike Banahan, Declan Brady and Mark Doran 3. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist C++ Version by Allen B Downey 4. Thinking in C++ 2nd edition Vol. 1 and 2 by Bruce Eckel Volume 1 as ZIP archive Volume 2 as ZIP archive 5. C++ Annotations by Frank B. Brokken Zip archive here Other resources: 1 2

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Skype distributing software(games) without user’s explicit approval ?

Since yesterday evening, the users of Skype for Windows who installed the EXTRAS features, have started to receive software automatically. The software comes from EasyBits Media, a company from Oslo, Norway. The Skype users have started to complain  yesterday afternoon and the drama seems to continue, without Skype officials to comment on this. The entire thread is here:   A user writes in the Forum: I clicked “deny” when skype asked for permission to install this on my computer, but it still went ahead and installed anyway. Can somebody from Skype confirm ASAP if this is a virus which has gotten into the Skype network or if this is something they have pushed out with a very dubious installer. Not impressed.     One and a half hours later, the user called EasyBitsMedia has posted a copy/paste from their website mentioned above:   EasyBits Media is dedicated to providing a world class Game channel to the expanding global Skype community. In 2006, in collaboration with Skype, EasyBits Media created the Skype Extras framework – one of the world’s first ever Apps store. Skype Extras are Apps that allow users to extend Skype functionality. For example, our Skype Extra is called “Play Games”…

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