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Virus Bulletin International Conference 2011

  The VB2011 – the 21st Virus Bulletin International Conference took place between  5-7 October 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The city of Barcelona is a wonderful place to be. Pity that I didn’t have enough time to see all of its wonders.   Here is the article about the Opening of the conference.   Here are the reports from the three days of the conference: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3  

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More Skype exposed

I found recently a very interesting article about P2P networks and Skype. This comes as a completion of the other article about Skype exposed posted here in June: Here is a permalink It is written by some guys from Cornell and Google. Here is the article. The most interesting thing is (copied included links): “Garfinkel [11], concludes that Skype is related to KaZaA; both the companies were founded by the same individuals, there is an overlap of technical staff, and that much of the technology in Skype was originally developed for KaZaA. Network packet level analysis of KaZaA [16] and of Skype [1] support this claim by uncovering striking similarities in their connection setup, and their use of a “supernode”-based hierarchical peer-to-peer network.” Heheh, I wonder what will happen if someone wants to exchange a file with multiple users, for example in a conference. 🙂 They close the article with this: ” Altogether, we find that Skype users appear to behave differently from file-sharing users as well as traditional telephone users.”

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Writing my review of the EU Spam Symposium

I have started to write my review of the Symposium. Briefly, it was ok, but as any conference, there were also some negative aspects. If the review will not be published in Virus Bulletin, I will also publish it here. More details later. Until then, have a look at the presentations:

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