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About cyber attacks

Do you think that the cyberattacks have increased these last months/years?   The cyberattacks have definitely increased in the last years, but not only that. The attacks have become more like a business. It is possible now to purchase a cyberattack against an organization (the entire network), against websites and social media accounts. The cybercriminals have created a real business for the cyberattacks: – They are professionally advertised and you can choose what kind of attack you want – They are better prepared – In order to justify the costs they are better measured (the damages) In parallel to the business aspect of the cybercrime we also see a lot of ideological cyberattacks. The various ideological groups in the Internet are making their cause known to the masses by hacking known websites in order to publish there some content which advertises their cause.   Do you think that people it’s not really aware of how easy is to be a victim of a cyberattack? In general, cyberattacks are not targeting individuals but organizations. People are aware that anyone could be a victim of malware, phishing or identity theft. Some time ago it was a matter of costs in order to…

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