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Comments on Privacy for “Data Privacy Day 2015”

My comments on Data Privacy Day 2015: Top Experts Comment on Privacy Issues (+Infographic) from   Our society has become in a very short time digitally connected and the consumers didn’t have the time to understand the implications of data privacy on their lives. We can be sure that every provider of an online service is doing everything legally possible to obtain maximum information about its users. This is person related information, as well as information that the user is voluntarily (or not) sharing with others in online platforms. Because many people don’t take their online actions seriously or don’t understand the consequences, they tend to act differently in their online life than in their offline life. If I would have to give just two pieces of advice that one should remember about privacy, they are: When online, don’t tell or share with anyone something that you wouldn’t also tell them loud in a room full of people listening. It sounds scary? Think that re-sharing your comment with the entire world is usually one click away. Once you publish or upload something online, independent of your security and privacy settings, it doesn’t belong just to you alone anymore. It also belongs to the provider of…

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