Endorsement Process

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Finally, officially CSSLP certified

(ISC)2 requires that a candidate meets some requirements before he/she receives the right to call himself/herself (ISC)2 certified.     Receiving the (ISC)² credential is a several-step process: Required Experience – possessing the required number of years for the appropriate credential Study – taking advantage of the educational materials (ISC)² makes available for you to review and refresh your knowledge before taking the credential examination Application – validating your education and/or experience Examination – sitting and passing the appropriate exam Code of Ethics – committing to and abiding by principles and guidelines set forth by (ISC)² Endorsement Process – attesting to your eligibility requirements After that you get :    Maintaining your membership requires the following: Remain in Good Standing – to remain in good standing as a member of (ISC)² a credential holder must abide by the (ISC)² Code of Ethics Earn Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPEs) – Credential holders must earn the minimum number of Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs) annually during each year of the three-year certification cycle. Although members may earn more than the minimum number of CPE credits required for credential maintenance for the three-year cycle, they are still required to earn and submit the minimum annual number to maintain their certification in “good standing.” Pay…

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