Cyber Security is a Shared Responsibility: October is Cyber Security Month

The 3rd consecutive year, celebrating the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) through-out October, has just been kicked-off in Brussels.     Here is the agenda: WEEK 1 Cyber Security Training for Employees WEEK 2 Creating a Culture of Cyber Security at Work WEEK 3 Code Week for All WEEK 4 Understanding Cloud Solutions for All WEEK 5 Digital Single Market for All   In the Activities page, depending of where you are, you can filter which activities to see: Germany, USA If you’re a hand-on cyber security professional, you may want to start with the Toolbox. In the awareness files you can find some nice posters like the one below:

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ENISA’s Innovative tools for creating an engaging user awareness programme

ENISA -the European Network and Information Security Agency, working for the EU Institutions and Member States. ENISA is the EU’s response to these cyber security issues of the European Union. As such, it is the ‘pace-setter’ for Information Security in Europe, and a centre of expertise. The objective is to make ENISA’s web site the European ‘hub’ for exchange of information, best practices and knowledge in the field of Information Security. This web site is an access point to the EU Member States and other actors in this field.  ‘ENISA- Securing Europe’s Information Society’. Enisa’s illustrations are great tools for any organisation raising the awareness of correct information security policy and procedures associated with their work. ENISA has created illustrations which will capture your employee’s attention to security risks and remind them of the related golden rules. By placing the illustrations in common areas and meeting points you could educate your employees efficiently on different security topics every day. The ENISA illustrations are available for download and use in any information security training programme, awareness activity and company website.     Illustration 1 Illustration 2 Illustration 3     Illustration 4 Illustration 5 Illustration 6     Illustration 7 Illustration 8…

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