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Bitter experience at the Magic Circle Festival 2009…

IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A JOURNALIST, JUST A BIG FAN ! I wanted to attend the festival because I love Manowar ! So, I drove 5h30min to Loreley on 18.07.09 to see and hear Manowar. Here is my (bitter) experience: 1. The location was badly chosen Why ? In order to go there you must definitely have a car. Yes, there is a train station, but to reach the festival you need to go there by car. You can forget the bus … 2. We had to pay the parking for each ticket, not for each car. So, I bought two tickets, I paid the parking place twice (2x 10euro). That’s not fair ! 3. Where are the official merchandises ?! Manowar had a problem with the organizers and they installed their shop (a tent) near the camping ground. Nobody knew about it and nobody said anything about it … 4. Everything was already sold out I wanted to buy some things, as a true fan 🙂 But the only answer I got was: we have only these sizes… And of course nothing fit me 🙁 Come on guys, Germany is the country where you have most of the fans….

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