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Lack of security made simple: Casual Insecurity

I am travelling quite a lot because of my job, working with Avira’s customers to integrate their OEM Technologies. For this reason, I am very often in hotels and airports. Almost everywhere these days, I can find free WiFis: wireless networks with free of charge access. We all know that accessing resources through free WiFis is not the best ideas. Especially, if these networks do not have any kind of password set.   This is how I think that the Lack of Security is made so simple: offer something everybody needs for free and make that as unsecure as possible. Maybe at the beginning it is going to be few which don’t access the free unprotected wifi. But in time, everybody will think that it is absolutely normal that a WiFi is supposed to be free and unprotected. And this is how you convert masses of people to lower their security expectations. I call this concept: “Casual insecurity”.   Read here in my free eBook how to “Improve your security“.  

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