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Google Page Speed Service

Page Speed Service is an online service to automatically speed up loading of your web pages. Page Speed Service fetches content from your servers, rewrites your pages by applying web performance best practices and serves them to end users via Google’s servers across the globe. The extent of speed up depends on a variety of factors such as content on your pages, browser, geographic location of access, bandwidth, etc. You can run tests to measure the speed up of your site in a few minutes. At this time, Page Speed Service is being offered to a limited set of webmasters free of charge. Pricing will be competitive and details will be made available later. You can request access to the service by filling this web form.   Now the reality check 🙂 Where are the 60% ?   Page Speed Service Comparison for mustaca.com   Original Optimized Difference Page Load Time 3.109s 3.406s +0.297s (9.6%) Start Render Time 2.432s 2.191s -0.241s (9.9%) Repeat View Page Load Time 2.549s 2.644s +0.095s (3.7%) Repeat View Start Render Time 2.188s 2.159s -0.029s (1.3%) Full Test Result view test view test Page Speed Service Comparison for avira.com   Original Optimized Difference Page Load Time…

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