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Sorin Mustaca in Entrepreneur IT Professional RO – Constanta GER – Tettnang Sorin is one of the many IT professionals Romania has produced in recent years. He is unique however since he had the courage to partially differentiate from his employer and start his own business somewhere in Germany. He realized his vast expertise can help any company learn about the importance of IT security and in the same time can offer a better future for his two children in one of the healthiest environment in the world.   Read more here:

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How LinkedIn uses your face for job ads

I saw this picture while being logged in on LinkedIn. I wasn’t doing anything specific and definitely not something related to job  search. This appeared on the right side of the window. The funny thing is that if you click on Apply Now you see that actually the ad is location dependent. This job was in Germany (where I live) and actually relatively near me (Munich is 200 KM near me). No, I didn’t apply 😉    

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Stock spam reloaded: XLS format this time

Remember the stock spams send in PDF format ? You thought they are new ? Think again ! Now it is time for Excel format ! The mails come in a ~24Kb XLS file called “detailed invoice.xls”, “stock information.xls”, “investor_news2323.xls” and probably many others. See the picture below for a screen shot. What is interesting is the fact that we speak again of a stock sold at Frankfurt Stock Exchange, in Germany. But, this time, they go big: The subject is “Turn € 5,000 into € 25,000” and the document is created by a user called “mobile”. The username comes from the name of the company advertised in spam: Exchange Mobile They advertise in the spam: Company Name: Exchange Mobile Ticker Symbol: Frankfurt: EM1 WKN: 884090 ISIN: US3013051087 Friday Close: € 0,20 3-Day Target: € 0,35 5-Day Target: € 0,50 10-Day Target: € 1,00 Reality (source: Friday close: € 0,231 Lowest course: € 0,20 Total amount of shares: 31.090 Value of the stock : € 6.953,3 So, they want us to buy stocks in value of €5000 🙂 This means 80% of the total… they’re too good, or too stupid :)))) Click on the image to view full size

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