Why does “everybody” think they are being/were hacked by Russian hackers?

Short answer: See the column “Country”. When I say “Russia”, I mean all Russian speaking countries, from the ex sovietic block. “Everybody” in quotes means the vast majority.   Long answer: Some time ago, I was writing that China is massively attacking my blogs. Now, it seems that the situation has changed a lot. But, what is the reason why this changed? Can it be that the Russian hackers are becoming more aggressive ?  Can be that they are “hungrier”. Or are these attacks sponsored by some entity? It might be, but then why my sites ? 🙂 Or did the laws in Russia changed and many hackers can access via VPNs hosted in Russia? Didn’t hear anything about it.   What’s the deal with Turkey? How come that they are increasing their activities? Can it be the same situation with the VPNs as in Russia?   Or are these attacks more oriented towards specific targets? For examples, these websites where I register these attacks are tech oriented.   I hate politics… but… can it be that Russia is working with Turkey ?   The interesting fact is that there are repeated attacks from the same IPs. So, one more…

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