No Image Cyber insurance, is it for you?

This article was published first in Virus Bulletin. Sorin Mustaca looks at how companies trading online can insure the risks they run. Throughout its 25 year history, Virus Bulletin has regularly published technical analyses of the latest threats and defensive methods, and will continue to do so (with the material now available free of charge). We will also continue to post thought-provoking opinions from security experts, to encourage debate and discussion. Today, we publish a guest blog by Sorin Mustaca. Sorin is well known to many in the industry and has regularly written for VB. In this post, he looks at the topic of cyber insurance. Introduction If you own a car, you probably have car insurance, and if you own a house, you will have several kinds of insurance against almost any kind of damage that can affect your property – insurance against theft of items in your property, insurance against damage by flood, fire or accidental damage, and so on. Meanwhile, in various professions it is mandatory to have specialized insurance cover to protect customers against damage through negligence or failure to provide the appropriate level of service. But what about a company’s digital assets? Or the private customer data that is stored…

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