Annoying Internet Ads: An Open Letter To Digital Marketers Everywhere

I gave a nice interview to MICHAEL O’DWYER for IPSwitch and he wrote the following article: Annoying Internet Ads: An Open Letter To Digital Marketers Everywhere “Ads consume bandwidth, especially those delivered as Flash or code. If you’re on a mobile device, with a small screen, the ads will also cover a good portion of the screen, thus making it difficult or even impossible to see the desired content you want to see,” says Sorin Mustaca, CSSLP, Security+, Project+, an independent IT security consultant. “[Over] the last 3 years, we hear[d] more and more about malvertising — the delivery of malicious software instead of ads, or in parallel with ads,” adds Mustaca. Read the entire article using the link above.   What can be done? Certainly, the solution is not to remove ads completely. They finance a large part of the free Internet. Make them not so intrusive anymore. Make them smart and useful – make them related to the content you’re reading. How? On this site and especially on I use Adsense through Google’s own WordPress plugin for Adsense. It inserts up to 3 dynamic ads on a page and if there is the danger of having too many ads…

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When the Internet fails on you – failure

My entire automatic posting on which is retweeted on @ITSecurityNews, @SorinMustaca and @sorinm_security is built on Well, this is why you didn’t get some tweets on time: Last night at approximately 10:00pm PST much of the work IFTTT does in the background stopped due to an issue with one of our backend services. Our monitoring systems would have alerted us to the problem immediately, but those unfortunately failed as well and we weren’t able to fix the issue until this morning at 10:00am PST. This is what I received from CEO of IFTTT, Linden Tibbets, a few moments ago. I see that now the posts are starting to come slowly, but I guess I missed a few hundred posts. Let’s see if they come back.   Does anyone know any good tool to repost in WordPress complete articles from an RSS feed?  

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Security 101: December 2012

How safe is internet banking when I am using a smartphone to do it? I noticed several banks provided apps to do mobile internet banking and share trading but does it really work? Smartphones have much limited security functionality than desktops. However, they do share one weakness: they are both equally exposed to external attacks if they transmit non-encrypted data over non-encrypted Internet connections. So, it is not possible to give a general statement about how safe or unsafe the usage of an app really is. It depends mostly on the app itself. In general, an app that transfers highly confidential data must only work with encrypted data. It is also highly recommended that the connection to the network also be encrypted because even if the data is encrypted, the application could be theoretically vulnerable to a sophisticated man-in-the-middle attack. The best method is to check with the app developer if the data is transferred in a secure manner.     Why do some antivirus manufacturers change their software’s interface all the time when users are already familiar with it? Many antivirus manufacturers change their user interface (UI) based on the feedback they received from the marketplace and incorporate innovative and feasible changes that their customers have requested for. Some others change it regularly because this theoretically improves the acceptance…

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Philips NetTV and FritzBox 72xx

I recently bought a new LCD TV from Philips : The 47″ PFL8404H/12 with NetTV. Philips 47 PFL 8404 H 119,4 cm (47 Zoll) Full-HD Ambilight LCD-Fernseher mit integriertem DVB-T / DVB-C Tuner schwarz Actually, I chose this TV because of two features it has: 1. The display : Full HD, 47″ , non reflective having the “Pixel Precise” feature 2. the Net TV: which means practically the you have an Internet connection in your TV set. I have the FritzBox! 7240 from AVM which is a goot DSL modem and router. The problem However, after installating the TV and connecting it to the Internet I noticed that it looses, apparently randomly the connection to the router. When connecting the old FritzBox 7170, everything worked as expected. The reason All FritzBoxes have a nice feature which tries to make the device eco friendly (aka “green”) by reducing the power consumption. So, it has some automatic detection if a LAN port is used or not. Philips 47 PFL 8404 H 119,4 cm (47 Zoll) Full-HD Ambilight LCD-Fernseher mit integriertem DVB-T / DVB-C Tuner schwarz The Solution After discussing with Heino, a colleague from Avira, he gave me an idea: what if…

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