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The Spammers’ Compendium moved to Virus Bulletin’s website

As of May 1st 2008, the Spammers’ Compendium found a new home. It has been moved from www.jgc.org/tsc to www.virusbtn.com/tsc I and Nick Fitzgerald will continue to look for new tricks and maintain this collection. John posted this info also on his blog here Anyone can submit new techniques by sending an email to tsc [at] virusbtn.com

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Why is it worth fighting against SPAM ?

I received a post from my friend John Graham-Cumming (www.jgc.org) where he announced that he retires from the antispam industry. I even asked him if this is a joke. No, it is not. John, I am sorry to see you leave, I wish you good luck in your future activity, whatever that might be. Now, John is right in what he said about the antispam industry. But, I think that if each of us who are working in the industry manages to kick out 0.001%* of the spam in the world than we really do something. There are a lot of people in this world who do this each day and I will continue to do the same. * = this is not random: the big names in the industry say that they detect 99.999% spam with zero false positives :))) It makes me laugh …

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