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Raspberry PI has video

I bought a webcam in order to extend my RPi capabilities. The longterm plan is to have a Skype running on it also with video. Skype doesn’t run on RPi … yet. But maybe I am able to use something different.   This is how I did it: 1. Buy the Logitech C270 USB HD Webcam from Amazon.de.   2. install the software and add the kernel module sudo apt-get install guvcview -y sudo modprobe uvcvideo sudo echo uvcvideo >> /etc/modules 3. Start X and the video software startx Start -> Sound and Video Choose guvcview   You have video 🙂 In my experience I have been able to choose 30 fps without problems. The video is stable and fast…     Now I have only to figure out how to make video calls.   Enjoy!

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