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The power of money … or WTF has Java to do with Yahoo ?!

Immediately after I started my laptop today, I got a popup announcing me that I have to install a Java update. Well, knowing that it has vulnerabilities, I said… OK, do it. And then I continued to work … After a couple of seconds, I see the following popup : So, now the legitimate question: Why am I offered to get that damn toolbar ( I HATE toolbars !!!!) only because I wanted to update Java. What has Java (or Sun ) to do with Yahoo ? I think that nothing else than … money. I guess Yahoo pays a lot of money to Java to bundle their sh** toolbar. And what makes me really mad is the fact that it is by default installed. A user who does nothing else than click Next -> Next… will automatically install it. I consider this practice as bad as Adware and Spyware. Bad boys… Yahoo and even worse Sun !!! Shame on you !!!

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