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To IEEE or not to IEEE, that’s the question

Yes, that’s the question: To continue being an IEEE member or not  ? Of course, if I say YES, I have to pay about 140 euro.(+ Computer Security & Privacy which is an extra service) If I say NO, I don’t, but I will not receive anymore the IEEE Spectrum Computer Security & Privacy So, I have to think hard … My first thought is .. NO ! Why ? Because I consider that IEEE brings me nothing .. well… almost nothing beside the two magazines. IEEE Spectrum is not something special, but Computer Security & Privacy is pretty good. I would like have more from IEEE. Being the major technical engineering association I feel that I am part of something big. But, on the other side, IEEE does absolutely nothing to keep me close to them… They ask for more money every year without giving absolutely nothing back. And .. that joke called IEEE Career doesn’t count !  There’s only Google there 🙁 Tough decision …  I’ll see what I’ll do.

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