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Improve your security

Here are some articles I wrote in the Avira Techblog about how to improve your security: Improve your security #5: use dedicated accounts for each user Improve your Security #4: Update your Software often Improve your Security #3: Online Protection Improve your Security #2: Securing your notebook Improve your Security #1: Complex passwords aren’t always better 

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Improve your Security #3: Online Protection

It is usually said that those who are behind a hardware router are protected from any danger. This is true in regard to the connections that come from outside but it is not true for the dangers which come from inside the local network. We must not forget that most of threats are landing on users’ computers via email or web traffic (either drive-by downloads or web bugs and exploits). Thus it is important to use multiple layers when it comes to online protection. For the sake of simplicity, I separated the protection layers in three areas: External area, Network and Personal area. Read the entire article in the Avira TechBlog : Improve your Security #3: Online Protection

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