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Bitcasa infinite storage: the anatomy of a failure

I have to admit that I was greedy … I mean, there is nobody in the market promising Infinite storage as a hard drive in the cloud that never runs out of space. Hell, this is better than any hard drive ! So, I gave it a try… more than 1.5 years ago: Member Since March 5, 2012 I was busy and forgot about it. From time to time I received some emails which I erased. Until… I started to be flooded by emails from them: 11 emails in 3 weeks. Bitcasa gives you 10 GB for free ! Or at least this is what they say. This would be absolutely OK if I would actually run out of space… I do not have any files uploaded, but still, I receive that I am out of space.   Here is the proof:       Is this a marketing gag to force me to become a paying customer? Well, it doesn’t work ! Goodbye Bitcasa… Unfortunately, it is not possible to erase your account.   Update: The saga continues:    

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