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Will the threat of viruses, malwares get more serious in the upcoming years?

  We have seen two years ago the first serious attempt to attack a nuclear power plant with a malware (Stuxnet) and the entire security industry as well as governments have started to take the entire issue very seriously. Basic utilities like electricity, water supply, gas for our cars and even food supplies depend on the availability of computer networks. It is to be expected that if there are assets which are important to someone in the Internet, there will be eventually also someone who will try to misuse them. Yes, the trend from last years is pretty clear in regard to cyberthreats. There will be no longer millions of malware out there, but those that will continue to exist or will newly appear, will be very serious threats. More and more is being done with help of computers and networks and even in households there are more and more devices connected to the Internet. “Serious threat” needs also to be redefined in this light. What five to ten years ago was considered “serious” – defacing websites, trojans that were executed on certain dates to spread some messages –  can’t be compared with what is today being considered serious: human lives…

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New design for my personal website

I finally found some time to change the website from the old design in dark colors to a WordPress (statical) blog. The new design is simpler and it is only on one single level. I got rid of all the old things and left only what is relevant. Here is the structure with links: Home – main page Management – will contain infos about product management and project management About – some infos about me Blog – link to this blog Pets – some pictures of my favorite pets Photography – random selection of my photos on Flickr Reading – random selection of the books I own(and have read) from Writing – selection and links to articles, interviews and other things I wrote Twitter – the content of my Twitter account

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Improve your Security #2: Securing your notebook

Quite a lot of people take now their netbook or smartphone with them when travelling. Because of this, almost every quarter of the year we read stories about sensitive personal data was lost because some laptop or USB stick got stolen. Moreover, with the rise of the mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and pads, anyone can carry gigabytes of data anywhere. All these problems can disappear if we simply encrypt the data no matter where we carry it. But, while encrypting each file is the most secure method, it is also the most inconvenient of all. In this article I will describe simple, effective and gratis methods of securing your devices. The entire article is in the Avira Techblog : Improve your Security #2: Securing your notebook

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Avira’s Free AV is celebrating 10 years

Quote from the Techblog: “Amazing! Avira’s free antivirus solution, Avira AntiVir Personal available at our web site, is now getting 10 years old! For ten years, we added an additional security layer around companies by protecting the employees personal computers from malware infections for free. Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo The free version always offered the latest antivirus techniques available, and the best detection rates and superb protection due to heuristics detections. For us that is a good reason to celebrate. For ten days our present to our customers is an additional runtime of 10 months if you buy a usual 1 years license of our premium products or the small business suite. Happy birthday, FreeAV! ” Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo

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