LinkedIn phishing ? Think again…

When you see such an email, you don’t think that it is a phishing… After all, why would anyone steal your LinkedIn credentials, right? Nobody would request a ransom to give your credentials back, nobody would steal your email & password and try to reuse them on other websites. You have, after all, read my eBook “Improve your security” and you do have an algorithm to create a unique password for each website.   Linked In Jamie Moore has sent you a message Date: 10/25/2015 View or reply to this message Don’t want to receive e-mail notifications? Adjust your message settings. © 2015, Linked In Corporation   This phishing email doesn’t try to steal your credentials. It is another stupid attempt from some careless spammers to advertise some canadian pharmacy spam.   Just erase it.

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“There’s a new personal notification message special for ” – a scam for “Linked In”

“There’s a new personal notification message special for Sorin Mustaca” is the subject of the email pretending to come from “Automation LinkedInNotifier”. But then, why is it coming from “” ? Come on spammers, you disappoint me 🙂 Anybody can see it is a fake… And “Linked In” ? Not even this is right…   It is just an online pharmacy … from Russia “with a lot of Love”:

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“Ze Foreign Accent” spam returns

Remember the Spammer’s Compendium (where I have a spam method named after me: (UH!Mustaca!HTML))? There is an entry from 2003 called “Ze Foreign Accent“. Back then it was rather primitive, but now it comes in a much improved (if we can say that) form:   The link on “Click here” goes to a Google Drive hosted site which was erased in the meanwhile. Fortunately, GMail detects it as spam as you can see in the picture.

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“Your messages will be deleted soon” – Facebook spam

It seems that the most research on social engineering is done these days by spammers. Using the text “You haven’t been to Facebook for a few days, and a lot happened while you were away”, the spam message contains the trigger which will make many people click on the message: “Your messages will be deleted soon” Ohhhh, so, if you don’t click on “View messages” then the messages will be deleted?. This is a good one. To all those who really think that something like this is possible: Stay calm, nobody is ever going to delete your messages. And, Facebook is not sending you such messages anyway. It is just a spam that redirects you to an online pharmacy store.

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