Do you actually need a security product in your car? Part 1: Prevention, Detection, Remediation

Note: This is going to be a somehow longer article which I will finish in a couple of related posts.   A security product is a program that Prevents that malware enters the system Detects if previously unknown malware is running on the system Remediates the actions of detected malware on the system Note that it is not mentioned *how* PDR gets implemented in practice. There are many ways to implement them and it is out of the scope of this article how this gets realized.   Back to our question: Do you actually need a security product in your car? Today, no, you don’t. But in 1-2 years the situation will change. Remember that in the automotive industry innovations need time until they reach the end-customers. Why? Read on…   The “Today” Why not today? The cars today are just beginning to become connected. It is like it was in the 80′ with the PCs: have little to no attack surfaces. They are mostly closed systems or have a single encrypted connection to a backend from which they get the data they need. the entry points in the car are: the infotainment system the ODB2 port the in-car Wi-Fi network…

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Improve your Security #3: Online Protection

It is usually said that those who are behind a hardware router are protected from any danger. This is true in regard to the connections that come from outside but it is not true for the dangers which come from inside the local network. We must not forget that most of threats are landing on users’ computers via email or web traffic (either drive-by downloads or web bugs and exploits). Thus it is important to use multiple layers when it comes to online protection. For the sake of simplicity, I separated the protection layers in three areas: External area, Network and Personal area. Read the entire article in the Avira TechBlog : Improve your Security #3: Online Protection

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“Internet Service Providers have a pessimistic view of the future” ?!?

I read this article from Heise ( and I couldn’t stop asking myself : WHY ?! I mean where is the problem in building a better protection from inside ? Why Inside ? Because most of the attacks come from inside their network or from the networks from their own partners. So, guys, sit together to a beer or something and discuss how to act together against those bad guys. And in the case that the attack comes from a network from another state which doesn’t obey to these rules, just filter them from your network. This way they’ll learn that it is better to cooperate than to sit and do nothing.

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Avira’s Free AV is celebrating 10 years

Quote from the Techblog: “Amazing! Avira’s free antivirus solution, Avira AntiVir Personal available at our web site, is now getting 10 years old! For ten years, we added an additional security layer around companies by protecting the employees personal computers from malware infections for free. Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo The free version always offered the latest antivirus techniques available, and the best detection rates and superb protection due to heuristics detections. For us that is a good reason to celebrate. For ten days our present to our customers is an additional runtime of 10 months if you buy a usual 1 years license of our premium products or the small business suite. Happy birthday, FreeAV! ” Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo Amazon: Bestsellers Electronics and Photo

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Wasted Phishing campaign

I just received a PayPal Phishing which is pretty nice. Nothing special about it .. this time. The only problem is that they used a wrong link to the fake site: http://1171700305:20/webscr/index.php?update.user. The offending part is the port: 20. Here is what Firefox says: ” This address is restricted This address uses a network port which is normally used for purposes other than Web browsing. Firefox has canceled the request for your protection. “

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