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How to make a mediacenter PC and record video from TV

It all started when a friend told me that he is building a router with a all-in-one motherboard with an Atom processor inside. I always wanted to build a computer in order to solve these problems: to be there for the entire family at any time, even if I am not at home my and Mihaela’s calendars are merged, common appointments are automatically added to both of us, remote access is possible direct access to the entire videos (all possible formats including ISOs and MKV), photos (all formats including ORF), music collection(many formats, including AAE) is possible. A prerequisite for this is have a mediacenter software which  simply works without patching it every week compiling weeks packages in order to hope to make it work and render all formats mentioned above and last but not least I can record cartoons from TV for my son without having to be in front of the TV! A prerequisite for this is Have a TV-Tuner (either internal or external via USB) which can receive the programs via cable or via satellite Have drivers for the operating system I have chosen Be able to control it from that operating system and mediacenter software So, these are my…

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About the APR’s Memory pools which seem to cause memory leaks

Resources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Portable_Runtime http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_pool http://dev.ariel-networks.com/apr/apr-tutorial/html/apr-tutorial-3.html http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.1/ch08s05.html The APR pools are some big tables which contain references to consecutive memory areas which are used by the application. Once the application releases such an area, the pool marks the memory area as available, but it doesn’t give it back to the OS. Let’s take an example which better illustrates this situation: We have 100 memory areas in the pool, each of 10 K RAM . Some of them are used, some of them not. 10 consecutive objects are released, so we have a block of 100K of continuous memory (in the pool and in the RAM). If there comes a request to reserve 80K of RAM, a big part of this block will be used (8 out of 10 areas). This is reutilization of the pool and from the outside, there will be no memory increase seen. But, if there comes a request to allocate 200K of RAM, the pool doesn’t have enough consecutive areas to allocate 20 blocks of 10K RAM so, it has to allocate 20 new blocks of 10 K. This means from outside, that the pool has been enlarged and this amount of RAM will NOT be released until…

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