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Change default passwords from your Internet enabled devices

Useless to write again about changing default passwords? Think again… I just bought two brand-new TP-Link WiFi Range Extenders, models WA860RE and WA854RE. Latest version, latest firmware. Both come with default username and password: admin. It is written on their back… Once you login, you will go through as wizard which configures the device. But, it doesn’t prompt you to change that password! When you go to System tools -> Passwords, you are prompted to change the user name and password. But, you must choose a good password, because TP-Link clearly requires: The new user name and password must not exceed 14 characters in length and must not include any spaces.     Well, that’s how TP-Link thinks that a password, or better, a passphrase should be. For ideas and tips how to change one visit Improve Your Security and download the free eBook.   What is the correct approach for TP-Link? They must make it easier for the user and as soon as the device is started for the first time, the wizard must prompt you to change the password. It makes absolutely no sense to prompt for a user name. You can have a default one (e.g.: admin) and keep…

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