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When Consumers Go To The Cloud, Businesses Should Watch Out Companies should take a look at what cloud services their employees are using following last week’s authentication bug at Dropbox Dropbox encrypts data on the servers, but not to individual accounts, notes Sorin Mustaca, a product manager with security firm Avira. Anyone with admin access to the server can read all of its data. In addition, data on the servers of external services have lesser legal protections, Mustaca says. “I always advise our users to be very, very careful what they put online because if they put anything online, then the data does not belong to them anymore — it belongs to the cloud,” Mustaca says. “This is the most important lesson that needs to be learned by anybody. If you put it online, you lose control of the data.”

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Tweet in an infinite loop (Update)

My account was hit by what appears to be a loop in the Twitter system. I am not sure yet of what has happened, but I am working on it. Apparently, Google Feedburner or Google Adsense is taking my RSS feed from Twitter and is republishing everything on Twitter. This is the effect sorinmustaca Sorin Mustaca sorinmustaca: sorinmustaca: sorinmustaca: sorinmustaca: sorinmustaca: sorinmustaca… I have deactivated all services from Google which may interact and I am deleting the strange tweets. Update: The problem was solved. The source was Google Adsense which republished the adapted tweets back to Twitter over again.

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Avira goes into Managed Security Services by acquiring CleanPort Avira extends Managed Security Services portfolio to offer users security “in-the-cloud” Tue, 02 March 2010 Avira’s acquisition of CleanPort forms the basis for the new business unit Tettnang/ Doetinchem, 2 March 2010 – German IT security provider Avira has acquired CleanPort, an acquisition that extends Avira’s solutions for terminals and server products with a new business line. With Avira Managed Security Services (AMSS), the company immediately adds online security services to all activities for all user segments. These services will be provided through a separate data center infrastructure. This new business unit is the motivation for Avira’s strategic acquisition of the Dutch group CleanPort B.V./ ISP Services B.V./ NextIdentity B.V., effective March 1, 2010.

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I have to many services which I like to use: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, this blog and others. But how can I keep them synchronized ? I can’t… because they are just too different. I found by mistake a service which can… It is called and it actually works : I write in one place something and it is automatically posted in all the above websites. This is cool… Expect more infos from me 😉

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