The lies and promises of House Automation

If you are tech-savvy it is very probable that you have already a few “smart” devices at home: digital assistant (e.g. Amazon Alexa, Google Nest, Mini etc.) music players (e.g. Sonos, ) lights (e.g. Philips Hue) TV (pretty much all on the market) appliances (e.g. coffee machine, fridge, etc.) (e.g. Jura, Samsung) fire/smoke detectors (e.g. Nest) power sockets with or without power measurement (e.g. Nous) vacuum cleaners (e.g. iRobot) actuators (e.g. Shelly) doors, windows (e.g. garage doors) security systems (many) web surveillance systems (many) … “Smart” here means only that they are connected: to a network via WiFi or can be contacted directly via Bluetooth, a RF protocol  or some proprietary protocol. This list is definitely not meant to be complete and there are many more producers on the market than what I wrote above. Maybe I shouldn’t give any example … I am *not* affiliated in any way with them.   Those who are really tech-savvy, probably have some degree of automation installed or want to install. The promise What is the incentive of doing Home Automation ? Well, they promise to make your life easier, funnier, to give you what you need when you need. Also to protect…

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