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If there’s anything I’ve learned from my years in the tech world, it’s that companies don’t get killed by competition. They usually find creative ways to commit suicide. Sridhar Vembu,CEO of Zoho How true this is ! This applies to me as well. Now, let me detail this a little bit. If a company wants to be better than another company, they will kick each other’s ass until one wins. At that moment, the other one will be weakened and is vulnerable. And the company who is in a better shape would buy the other one. Why ? Because, usually, the reason for which one company goes down is the Sales which can’t deliver the expected outcome and not the technical side. Methods to commit suicide for a company: – change the entire C-level at one – change the entire structure of the company at once – change the products too fast without allowing the sales to understand them – release very buggy products only for the sake of respecting deadlines and so on…

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