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Developments in the cyber attacks and data breaches in the U.S. retail industry

If there was any doubt that cybercriminals are going especially after easy money, the attack on the “Target” retailer is the best proof of it. In the retail industry in the U.S. people are used to pay with credit cards and this is the perfect place to attack. Nobody thought until now that if one pays for groceries, clothes or other utilities, you put all your economies in danger. Retail is much easier to attack also because those behind the cashier station are not trained to detect and prevent cyberattacks in form of malware or devices that hardcopy the credentials with a device attached to the POS machine. They might be instructed to press an alarm button if someone points a gun at them, but not if someone starts a cyberattack to steal financial data of credit cards.   Unfortunately, the retail industry has still a long way to go until they can protect their customers against this category of fraud. Another issue to consider is the fact that exactly the employees of retail companies might install the malware or the hardcopy device in order to make some extra money, because they are usually not so well paid.   In…

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