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Author:Richard Adhikari Article:Botnet Twists the Knife in iCloud Security Reduce, Reuse, Recycle For the record, though, “Waledac and Kelihos both send spam, and this is the reason for the confusion,” IT security expert Sorin Mustaca told TechNewsWorld. Both use email to spread but in different ways. The same group of cybercriminals may have created the code for these worms, because “there aren’t that many cybercriminals who can create a complex piece of software,” Mustaca suggested. “This is just using the old Kelihos [worm] with a new email payload.” Fixing the Problem Symantec reiterated well-known practices users can follow to protect themselves: Be suspicious of messages claiming your account has been restricted or needs updating; be wary of links in emails; don’t provide personal information when replying to emails; don’t enter personal information in pop-up pages or windows; and use comprehensive security software. “This is not Apple’s problem directly,” Mustaca said. “However, they could enforce two-factor authentication and take other steps. Usability drops when you want to make a process more secure, so they need to experiment.”

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Source: Browser War: What Is It Good For? “All vendors are trying to implement the latest trends in the industry in order to remain competitive and face the challenges of the online world, and to react to vulnerabilities,” Sorin Mustaca, a data security expert at Avira, told TechNewsWorld. “For example, two years ago, nobody thought of sandboxing plugins in a different process, and now everybody’s doing it,” Mustaca added. “And almost every week we see some new vulnerabilities discovered which get exploited. Vendors have to react immediately to these threats,” he said. Browser vendors have to serve two categories of users, Avira’s Mustaca pointed out. One is home users, who adopt new technologies very fast “because they always want the best, the fastest and the richest Internet experience,” he said. These users are the testers of new technologies. The other category is corporate users. They have a very slow adoption rate, and will only change their browsers when they change their operating system, Mustaca stated. “We are seeing right now the effect of this battle to release new versions faster — every week new vulnerabilities are made public,” Avira’s Mustaca said. “Every bug fix and every new feature potentially introduces…

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