When Nikola Tesla in person writes you about your high electricity bills :)

Sometimes, looking after spams is also fun, not just research work. This is what I found today: Dear Energy User, If you pay for electricity, you`ve been hit hard by high energy prices. And, if you`re like most people, you`re thinking there`s got to be a better way. A better way to heat your home a better way to use electricity without spending a fortune a better way to get save on your electricity bill…. >> Watch this F-R-E-E Video Take Note: This video will last only 24 hours, it’s up to you. Yours Truly, Nikola Tesla Click here to unsubscribe   But then you click to see this: and you see this hosted on http://www.teslaenergy.trade/     What a joke, right ? 🙂 Bu the film about Nikola Tesla is good, even if it is 23 minutes long. :))) Btw, all those things are just bullshit… Wrong interpretation of real facts. All this trouble to buy a book :

Chinese Researchers Remotely Hack Tesla Model S (Update)

Security researchers from China-based tech company Tencent have identified a series of vulnerabilities that can be exploited to remotely hack an unmodified Tesla Model S while it’s parked or on the move. The researchers managed to perform various actions. While the vehicle was parked, the experts demonstrated that they could: control the sunroof, the turn signals, the position of the seats, all the displays, the door locking system. While the car was on the move, the white hat hackers showed that they could activate the windshield wipers, fold the side view mirrors, and open the trunk. They also demonstrated that a remote hacker can activate the brakes from a long distance (e.g. 12 miles, as shown in the experiment). WOW… this can be deadly!   But wait, after “several months of in-depth research” ? This means that they spent several months to search for vulnerabilities to exploit ? This is what I mean by being insistent. The most interesting part is the UPDATE. Tesla told SecurityWeek that it addressed the vulnerabilities found by Keen Lab within 10 days after learning of their existence. The company pointed out that the attacks are not “fully” remote and they are not as easy…

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