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The CompTIA Security+ Certification: passed

I’ve had today the exam for the CompTIA Security+ SYS-201 certification and passed it with 828 points out of 900 (min. 750 to pass it). I’ve learnt after the book The CompTIA Security+ 2008 Study Guide, 4th Edition., author Emmet Dulaney. Why this book ? It was recommended by CompTIA on their website and it was cheap 🙂 I started initially with the eBook : The CompTIA Security+ 2008 in Depth, author Mark Ciampa. Remember by posts about the posts : Not all AV software are the same” – CompTIA Security+ 2008 and Cybercriminals from Eastern Europe ? They were from that book. This is the reason for which I dumped it. About the Exam The book had not much to do with the exam… Yes, they covered more or less a part of the objectives, but very, very shallow. They barely scratched the surface. How did I pass ? Because of the previous experience with Security, reading a lot about Security and living it every day. It is a tough exam for someone who is not used to think in terms of software security. But it was fun to learn for it. And this is the last day when…

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