The sad status of online advertising

I will give in this post an example having FORBES.COM as target.  I want to emphasize that this is not the only site that behaves like this!   If you have an ad blocking plugin active and you visit you will be promted to disable the ad blocker and you see the picture above.   After you turn it on, you can see that you are allowed to view the website for 30 days with “ad-light experience”: This is what you get with an ad-light experience: 1 ad on top of the page 2+ ads on the right of the page 2+ ads on the bottom of the page     If you re-enable the ad-blocker, you actually can see how many ads and trackers are on that page: 10 Ads, 99+ connections to websites that track you! Here is what Disconnect shows on that page: And this is just for an article. If you go back to the root page, you see actually a lot more ads and a lot more trackers:   Conclusion: The Internet would be much faster and much reacher if there would be less ads. I am not saying that there shouldn’t be any ads at…

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Protect yourself and all your devices against tracking for FREE

This is the second post on  how to protect yourself, following the one about how to “Protect yourself and all your devices against ads for FREE“. Tracking via cookies The idea behind tracking is actually a good one. Imagine that you search on Amazon for “hard drive 500 gb”. This website drops a cookie in your browser which gets saved locally. If you are logged on in your Amazon account, this is usually not needed because your entire activity is logged, but if you’re not, this is happening in order to be able to show you relevant products next time when you visit the website. Nothing wrong here, it is actually helping you across visits. But, this technology can also be misused. Imagine that a website, plugin, toolbar or anything else you have in your browser writes a cookie that many affiliate websites can read. So, to use the other example, one website writes the cookie about the product you were searching (hdd) and then all other affiliate websites can read it. Next time you visit any of them, you will automatically see ads about the products you searched on any other website. Even if this might seem like a…

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